Marine - Carcass Drop Off Program

Red snapperThe South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has placed freezers at select docks, marinas, and at bait shops that recreational anglers can use to drop off fish carcasses. These sites will have catch cards that go along with the fish carcass in a carcass bag. The catch cards are intended to provide data and information about a fisherman's trip, such as date and length of trip. State biologists will collect the frozen carcasses. They will measure the length of the carcass and remove the otoliths (ear bones) to determine the fish's age.

How it Works:

  1. Once back to the dock, filet your fish.

  2. Keep the carcass with the head and tail intact.

  3. Take the carcass to one of the collection freezer locations.

  4. Place your fish in one of the provided plastic bags.

  5. Fill out the provided catch card.

  6. Place the completed catch card in the bag with the fish.

  7. Tie bag closed and place it in the collection freezer.

Freezer Locations (Available for drop offs 24 hours):

Additionally, carcasses can be dropped off at the Marine Resource Division Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm to the second floor of the Administration Building.

Additional freezer Locations (Access Restricted to Members):