Marine - Species

The information that follows is intended to give you a window into the lives and abundance of a selection of South Carolina's marine species. It also highlights the work your Department of Natural Resources undertakes to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy access to healthy and sustainable fisheries. Data sets presented are from projects of your Department of Natural Resources and therefore reflect conditions in South Carolina. Many species travel beyond our borders and are managed at the regional scale by entities such as the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council and Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Therefore, the abundance of a particular species in South Carolina may or may not be indicative of conditions across its entire range or the management actions necessary to ensure access to a healthy, sustainable stock. We encourage you to visit and to learn more about regional management and condition of fisheries.

An online survey and meetings with interested groups guided selection of species and attributes for this product. View the results of that survey in the Adobe PDF file format. Adobe® Reader® is required to open these files and is available as a free download from the Adobe® Web site. We thank you for your assistance in creating this product and hope you find it useful and informative.

It is our goal to update these data annually and add information for new species as resources allow.

Abundance of Species Color Code Description

Color Codes provide a visual representation of species abundance in South Carolina. For more detailed information, take a look at the graphs of abundance for each species.

Species Image Abundance of Species
Atlantic Croaker Atlantic Croaker


Atlantic Spadefish Atlantic Spadefish


Black drum Black drum


Black seabass Black Seabass


Blue Crab Blue crab


Cobia Cobia


Eastern Oyster Eastern Oyster


Jack crevalle Jack crevalle


King mackerel King Mackerel


Red drum Red drum


Sheepshead Sheepshead


Southern flounder Southern flounder


Southern kingfish Southern Kingfish


Spanish mackerel Spanish mackerel


Spot Spot


Spotted seatrout Spotted Seatrout


Summer flounder Summer Flounder


Tarpon Tarpon


Weakfish Weakfish


White shrimp White Shrimp - photography by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration