Did the 2017 Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic go green?

The education booth was introduced to the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic more than 16 years ago to help make it a family event. Over the years, the educational booth has turned into a big hit with the kids and the adults! Historically, the activities were designed to engage kids to learn while having fun. Some of the activities have included a giant sand box with shark teeth fossils, fish printing, and building bird houses and suet feeders.

This year at the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic the education booth went green, both literally and figuratively by way of sponsorship from the UP2U program, Hampton Wildlife Fund and Longleaf Alliance. Children were given the opportunity to take home longleaf pine seedlings to plant. Instead of using plastic to transport the seedlings, peat pots were used (made of sphagnum peat moss, wood pulp, and 100% biodegradable molded into the form of a pot).

They were a big hit with everyone, especially when the adults found out the pots could be planted directly into the ground. More than 1000 longleaf pine seedlings were planted in peat pots! With a scoop of soil, a peat pot and one seedling, any child who wanted to participate walked away with their very own tree seedling. Peat pots are an easy way to grow an essential tree without using plastic containers possibly ending up in our landfills and an enormous way to give back to the environment!

Getting an longleaf pine seedling ready to take home

DIY homemade peat pots!

Want a great way to upcycle common household items and get a get a headstart on gardening season without buying new pots and trays, here's how!

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