South Carolina's Bald Eagles - Nest Locations

The current SCDNR bald eagle monitoring program includes nesting season aerial flight surveys. A subset of the documented nesting territories are surveyed each year resulting in the entire state being surveyed once every three years. Therefore nest locations provided cannot be assumed to be current and inclusive of all nesting activity. Not all nests within SC have been documented by SCDNR. Non-documented nests receive the same level of protection as nests documented by SCDNR.

*Note: After downloading this file you must have Google Earth installed to open the file on your computer or device. Google Earth is available for free for computers at, or on smartphones from the Apple or Android Stores.

The information contained in the map above shows bald eagle nests documented by SCDNR estimated to be within 0.1 miles of the true location.

Report a Nest

If you think you have discovered a new nest, please make sure it is an undocumented nest using the Current SCDNR documented bald eagle nests in SC link above. If you have reviewed SCDNR's documented nests and think the nest is undocumented, or are unsure, please inform SCDNR.

For South Carolina technical assistance contact Amy Tegeler at or (803) 521-2119.