Data Sources

Many sources of weather and climate data for South Carolina and the world are available to the State Climatology Office. These sources range from original manuscript records to published paper records to computerized databases.

Computerized databases

The State Climatology Office has access to several computerized databases that contain information for South Carolina and surrounding states.

Published records

The State Climatology Office maintains a collection of official publications from the National Climatic Data Center, including Climatological Data, Local Climatological Data, Storm Data, and Hourly Precipitation Data. Additional copies of these publications are available for purchase. The State Climatology Office also maintains a sizable library of publications from other states and government agencies as well as a list of climatological experts from other state and federal agencies who can provide additional help with complex inquiries.

Original records

As part of the joint agreement with the National Climatic Data Center, the State Climatology Office serves as an official repository for original climate records from South Carolina. Most of the original manuscript forms for the National Weather Service cooperative stations form the beginning of record (some from the 1890s) and are available. Earlier records and diaries from early weather observers (mid-nineteenth century) are available on microfilm.