Deer Quota Program

Deer quotas are issued to qualifying land owners or lessees statewide who complete and submit an application along with a $50 fee prior to July 1. This program is generally better suited for landowners or lessees with large acreages. Under the DQP, a quota of antlerless deer tags is issued to a particular tract of land based on criteria including; density of the local deer population, condition of the local deer population, the size of the tract of land, presence of agriculture or agricultural damage, and the overall deer management objectives of the owner. Participants in the DQP also have the option of receiving a quota for antlered bucks. Buck quotas are based on the average number of acres per buck harvested as reported by program participants in the county in recent years.

Utilization of DQP antlerless tags is subject to the following restrictions. In Game Zone 1 tags are valid beginning Oct. 1. In Game Zones 2, 3, and 4 tags are valid beginning Sept. 15. Tags issued for a particular tract of land can only be used on that tract and they must be used on all deer (antlerless and/or antlered) for which a quota was issued. Tags do not alter the use of weapons during special weapons seasons. Statewide, Game Zone, and daily limits do not apply on properties enrolled in the DQP because the limit is on the property not the persons hunting the property. A harvest report must be completed by the applicant at the close of the season.

For additional information or to request an application call 803-734-3609.