Academic Archer Criteria

The National Archery in the Schools Program establishes NASP® Academic Archer program to promote and recognize academic excellence among 2.4 million NASP® student archers – Now sponsored by Easton Technical Products!

<em>Academic Archer</em>

The NASP® Academic Archer program is an optional program, available only to participating NASP® schools – participation is a local decision and in accordance with existing local school policies.

NASP® BAI certified teachers/coaches can enter eligible students into for Academic Archer status using their BAI number.

All students that fully participate in an in-school NASP® archery class or participate on the school archery team at a recognized NASP® school and meet local academic criteria for recognition, are eligible to be entered for Academic Archer status.

The NASP® advisory offered the following guidelines if no local school criteria exist for Academic Archer recognition:

The Academic Archer program is independent from any/all forms of tournament participation.

Each student that is entered/registered into as a NASP® Academic Archer, will be automatically registered for a chance to win 1 of 10 free Genesis bows and specially marked Easton arrows - which will be given away each year by NASP®. Names of winners will be announced prior to the national NASP® tournament.

Each Academic Archer may be provided with a certificate suitable for framing at the local NASP® banquet or school sponsored student academic recognition ceremony according to local practices.

NASP® teachers/coaches can also designate eligible students for Academic Archer status when utilizing for any NASP® tournament – See for instructions regarding designating for NASP® Academic Archer status when registering.

The NASP® advisory also suggested that an optional recognition symbol be established for participating NASP® Academic Archers. NASP® and our partner Electronic Awards have developed a low cost, iron-on shoulder patch that can be purchased by any school. To order the iron-on shoulder patches click here:

Patches are inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk for team applications.

Reminder – all decisions on designating students with Academic Archer status are local decisions and should involve collaboration between the NASP® educator and the principal of the school.

Without existing school criteria, NASP® recommends that schools follow the recommendations of the NASP® advisory.

National NASP® will support any/all local NASP® Academic Archer status designations and will recognize NASP® Academic Archer designees as a group at each flight of the NASP® National Tournament.

NASP® will promote the Academic Archer program on the web site, social media and industry media outlets.