Information & Rules on State Saltwater Game Fish Records

Saltwater Game Fish Records for South Carolina
Species Weight (lb.–oz.) Port/Year Caught Angler, Hometown
Amberjack 123-0 Isle of Palms/2010 J. Beauford, Awendaw, SC
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Barracuda, Great 65-0 Georgetown/1948 H. Shelor, Sumter, SC
Bass, Black Sea 8-3 Fripp Inlet/1995 L. L. Hudson, Ruffin, SC
Bass, Striped 46-13 Combahee River/1993 B.W. Chambers, Canadys, SC
Bluefish 21-0 Charleston/1975 J. A. Curtis, Charleston, SC
Bonito, Atlantic 7-11 Little River/1993 C.T. Adams, Tabor City, NC
Cobia 92-10 Hilton Head Is. /2009 R. Maroudas, Hilton Head Island, SC
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Croaker 4-9 Charleston/1979 C. I. Frasier, Charleston, SC
Dogfish, Smooth      
Dogfish, Spiny      
Dolphin 77.5 Seabrook Island/2008 R. Riggs, Wando, SC
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Drum, Black * 89-0 Port Royal/1978 W. P. Buquet, Port Royal, SC
Drum, Red * 75-0 Murrells Inlet/1965 A. J. Taylor, Conway, SC
Flounder, Gulf 6-4.8 Murrells Inlet/2021 J. Fairey, Columbia, SC
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Flounder, Southern (tie) 17-9.6 Murrells Inlet/2003 J. Kuczma, Myrtle Beach, SC
Flounder, Southern (tie) 17-6 South Santee/1974 L. C. Floyd, Florence, SC
Flounder, Summer 3-8 Murrells Inlet/1982 J. Wallace, Charlotte, NC
Grouper, Gag 54-4 Isle of Palms Marina/2018 James L. Lasher, III, Mt. Pleasant, SC
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Grouper, Red 33-13 Little River/2022 J. Pazona, Calabash, NC
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Grouper, Scamp 28-8.3 Crazy Sister Marina, Murrells Inlet/2018 Thomas Pope, Georgetown, SC
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Grouper, Snowy 36-8 Charleston/2022 W. Hartness, Columbia, SC
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Grouper, Speckled Hind ** 45-0 Little River/1973 H. R. Murray, Little River, SC
Grouper, Warsaw ** 310-0 Murrells Inlet/1976 C. D. Pratt, Knoxville, TN
Grouper, Yellowedge 21-5 Murrells Inlet/2021 A. Work, Murrells Inlet, SC
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Grouper, Yellowfin      
Grouper, Yellowmouth 22-8 Murrells Inlet/2001 B. J. Ford, Murrells Inlet, SC
Grunt, Margate 18-8 Murrells Inlet/1971 J. L. Flowers, Charlotte, NC
Grunt, White (tie) 5-10 Charleston/2015 S. Huff, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Grunt, White (tie) 5-10 Charleston/2009 P. Godbout, Summerville, SC
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Hogfish 21–15 Charleston, 2011 W. Covington, Summerville, SC
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Houndfish 9-4 Murrells Inlet/1974 W. Kirby, Pittsburg, PA
Jack, Crevalle 40-1 Charleston /1993 J. Benich, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Kingfish (Whiting) (tie) 2-12 Georgetown/1976 W. Mobley, Georgetown, SC
Kingfish (Whiting) (tie) 2-10 Pawleys Island/1968 C. Micheau, Georgetown, SC
Ladyfish 5-14 Charleston/1994 B. Raver, Charleston, SC
Lionfish 2-4 Charleston/2023 N. Penna, Johns Island, SC
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Mackerel, King 62-0 Charleston/1976 J. Brownlee, III, Charleston, SC
Mackerel, Spanish 11-0 Myrtle Beach/1983 W. Deas, Jr., Myrtle Beach, SC
Marlin, Blue 881-13 Charleston/2005 W. C. Taylor, Spartanburg, SC
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Marlin, White 108-0 Charleston/1981 D. C. Critz, Jr., Savannah, GA
Pompano, African 44-3 Hilton Head Island/2011 C. T. Babcock III, Hilton Head Island, SC
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Pompano, Florida 8-12 Charleston/1975 C. Mullinax, Sr., Charleston, SC
Porgy, Jolthead 18-4 Charleston/1984 J. Currie, N. Charleston, SC
Porgy, Red 10-8 Murrells Inlet/1985 J. F. Duffer, Myrtle Beach, SC
Runner, Rainbow 14-14 Georgetown/1985 W. D. Harder, Orangeburg, SC
Sailfish 75-0 Georgetown/1968 G. A. Reid, Clinton, SC
Seatrout, Spotted 11-13 Murrells Inlet/1976 A. Pendergrass, Murrells Inlet, SC
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Shark, Atlantic Sharpnose 13-5 Murrell’s Inlet/2009 L. Murphy, Myrtle Beach, SC
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Shark, Bigeye Thresher ** 406-0 Edisto Island/1978 J. H. Mixson, Johns Island, SC
Shark, Blacktip 163-14 Hilton Head/2009 D. Rowe, Gray, TN
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Shark, Bonnethead 27-11 Charleston/2005 B. Mattison, Raleigh, NC
Shark, Bull 477-12 Stono Inlet/1985 C. R. Faust, Folly Beach, SC
Shark, Dusky ** 466-12 Charleston/1981 M. Almond, Charleston, SC
Shark, Hammerhead 588-3 Charleston/1989 B. Bass, Charleston, SC
Shark, Lemon 380-0 Hilton Head/2010 S. Liesen, Quincy, IL
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Shark, Sandbar ** 199-4 Charleston/1984 T. McGuiness, Charleston, SC
Shark, Sand Tiger ** 350-2 Charleston/1993 M. Thawley, Summerville, SC
Shark, Shortfin Mako 391-15 Charleston/2002 P. Ford, Charleston, SC
Shark, Silky ** 248-0 Charleston/1981 R. Keenan, Charleston, SC
Shark, Spinner 173-5 Edisto, SC/2021 N. Colwell, Inman, SC
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Shark, Tiger 1,780-0 Cherry Grove/1964 W. Maxwell, Charlotte, NC
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Sheepshead 16-6 Mt. Pleasant/2008 J. Widener, Hanahan, SC
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Snapper, Cubera 118-0 Mt. Pleasant/2007 B. Williams, Easley, SC
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Snapper, Gray (Mangrove) 13-15 Charleston/2023 M. Swenson, Mount Pleasant, SC
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Snapper, Mutton 26-0 Murrells Inlet/2002 V. Cleversey, Georgetown, SC
Snapper, Red 37-8 Little River/1964 K. Henry, Rock Hill, SC
Snapper, Vermilion 6-10 Charleston/1975 D. H. Long, Charleston, SC
Snapper, Yellowtail (tie) 10-8 Tolers Cove Marina/2017 A. Stone, Mount Pleasant, SC
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Snapper, Yellowtail (tie) 10-8 Mount Pleasant/2003 T. Snelgrove, Mount Pleasant, SC
Spadefish, Atlantic 14-2 Beaufort/2005 S. Nickleson, N. Augusta, SC
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Spearfish, Longbill ** 53-0 Mt. Pleasant/1986 H. L. Johnson, Jr., Mt. Pleasant, SC
Spot (tie) 1-4 Murrells Inlet/2001 M. Turner, Pamplico, SC
Spot (tie) 1-3 Garden City Pier/1978 R.R. Jones, Myrtle Beach, SC
Spot (tie) 1-2 Kiawah Island/1978 J. Taylor, Awendaw, SC
Spot (tie) 1-2 Garden City Pier/1978 H.W. Durham, Myrtle Beach, SC
Spot (tie) 1-2 Myrtle Beach/1977 J. Caulder, Georgetown, SC
Spot (tie) 1-1.5 Beaufort/1977 C. Eldred, Burton, SC
Spot (tie) 1-1 Springmaid Pier/1977 B. Stewart, Woodruff, SC
Spot (tie) 1-1 Charleston/1967 J. Stehmeyer, Charleston, SC
Swordfish 500-0 Georgetown/1978 B. H. Peace III, Pawleys Island, SC
Tarpon 154-10 Hilton Head/1987 S. B. Kiser, Hilton Head, SC
Tautog 6-5 Murrells Inlet/2021 M. Terrell, Bloomington, IN
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Tilefish, Blueline 14-6 Murrells Inlet/1982 O. Cockerham, Abbeville, SC
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Tilefish, Golden 28-3.2 Charleston, SC/2020 E. Buck Jr., Charleston
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Triggerfish, Gray 13-9 Murrells Inlet/1989 J. Hilton, Lake Wylie, SC
Triggerfish, Ocean      
Triggerfish, Queen (tie) 9-7 Georgetown, 2011 J. H. Woodberry, Lake City, SC
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Triggerfish, Queen (tie) 9-10 Charleston, 2021 S. Costanzo, Awendaw, SC
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Triggerfish, Queen (tie) 9-13 Georgetown, 2022 S. Conesky, Margate, NJ
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Tripletail 33-8 Hilton Head/2005 J. Johnson, Savannah, GA
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Tuna, Albacore 37-4 Charleston/1976 W. Crump, Johns Island, SC
Tuna, Bigeye      
Tuna, Blackfin 40-6 Charleston/2005 M. Hartley, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Tuna, Bluefin 396-14 Hilton Head Is./2006 J. S. Middleton III, Bluffton, SC
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Tuna, Skipjack 28-0.8 Sullivan’s Island/2020 L. Kirkland/Charleston, SC
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Tuna, Yellowfin 241-12 Charleston/1979 T. C. Lewis, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Tunny, Little 29-7 Charleston/1975 C. Edwards, Jr., Columbia, SC
Wahoo 130-5 Murrells Inlet/1998 R. J. Moore, Valdese, NC
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Weakfish 11-13 Parris Island/1981 J. M. Coppinger, Jr., Parris Island, SC

* Because of current SCDNR slot limit regulations, the record listed will remain until fishery regulations change.

** Because of Federal regulations, these species can no longer be legally retained and must be released alive, the record listed will remain.

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