Public Drawing Hunts

License requirements

For Big game, all applicants, except those under age 16, must possess a current hunting license, a Big Game permit, and a Wildlife Management Area Permit.

For Waterfowl, all applicants, except those under age 16, must possess a current hunting license, a Wildlife Management Area permit, a Harvest Information (HIP) Permit, and state and federal duck stamps.

A temporary Wildlife Management Area permit is available ONLY to SC residents for waterfowl and turkey lottery hunts. All successfully selected applicants may purchase a temporary WMA permit online or by phone (866-714-3611) prior to their scheduled hunt date. A temporary WMA permit is not needed if the applicant possesses a Sportsman, Junior Sportsman, regular WMA permit, Gratis Over 65 license, Disability license or is 15 years old or younger.

For further licensing information, refer to the annual SC Hunting Rules and Regulations, also available at your local DNR office, or call (803) 734-3838.

Rules and regulations

All Wildlife Management Area rules and regulations apply. See the annual S.C. Hunting Rules and Regulations, the annual Migratory Bird Regulations, and the annual Turkey Regulations.

Please note, persons who are drawn for a hunt conducted by the PDH program consent to inspections and searches of the person, game bags or creel and any vehicle, trailer, conveyance or container (WMA regulation 2.3).

Preference procedures

To equitably allocate hunt slots for the more popular hunts, applicants are issued a preference point for each consecutive year not drawn. Applications with the most preference points are drawn from first, the next highest number second, etc., until all slots are filled. The preference points revert to zero when the applicant is drawn for a specific hunt. If each person on an application does not have the same number of preference points, the least number of preference points are used for the drawing of the application. Preference information is stored by the computer from year to year by the applicant's customer ID number.

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Duplicate applicants

You may apply only once for a specific hunt. ALL applicants on an application with duplicate names will be disqualified. ALL applicants on an application with duplicate names will lose any accumulated preference points.


Once drawn, cancellations will not be refunded. Successful applicants should contact the Columbia office (803) 734-3887 if they are unable to attend. Cancelled slots will be filled by random selection of applicants who were not drawn.

Youth hunters

Youth are allowed to hunt on each hunt site. To participate each youth, age 17 or younger, must be accompanied by an adult age 21 or older. (Age 10 - 15 for the special waterfowl youth day hunt.) Youth must actively participate in the hunt. On selected hunts, only the youth are allowed to shoot.

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