Najas minor

najas minor - slender naiad illustrationOne of the major distinguishing features of slender naiad are the leaves. The leaves are opposite, 1 - 1 1/2 inches long with marginal teeth which are easily noticed with the human eye. The sheath from which the leaves grow is also toothed on either side. Naiad spreads rapidly because it can spread by both fragmentation and seed production.

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Photo of naiad

South Carolina Law requires individuals to possess a Commercial Pesticide Applicators License in Category 5, Aquatic Pest Control, before they apply aquatic herbicides if the work is done for compensation on the property of another.  A license is also required, regardless of ownership, if the application is made to an area where public access to the treated site is expected.  Private swimming lakes, where the public would exposed to the treated waters, are the most obvious example of the latter requirement.   On all public facilities, such as golf courses, driving ranges, subdivisions, condominium/apartment complexes and mobile home parks, applicators are required to possess a Category 5 License to apply aquatic pesticides.