Winyah Bay Invasive Species
Cost-share Program:

The Winyah Bay Invasive Species Cost-share Program is being conducted as a partnership of the Winyah Bay Focus Area Task Force with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service, The Nature Conservancy, Clemson University, Historic Ricefields Association, Ducks Unlimited and other organizations.  This funding is being provided to assist in the treatment and control of phragmites on private properties in the Winyah Bay and the surrounding watershed. 

The control of phragmites requires a long-term commitment from a landowner to treat phragmites infestations through a multiple year approach.  Through this program, landowners with phragmites infestations are eligible for up to $100 per acre to help offset the cost of phragmites control.  Landowners who are awarded cost-share assistance through this program will be required to:

  • Allow inspection and monitoring of their property over a five year period.
  • Conduct necessary follow-up treatments on their phragmites infestation to insure long-term control.
  • Comply with the recommendations of the Winyah Bay Task Force aquatic invasive species sub-committee.
  • Contract with a professional herbicide applicator for the treatment that meets the specifications set by the Invasive Species Sub-committee.

A technical committee has been established to:

  • Provide recommendations for controlling phragmites.
  • Review and rank landowner applications for the cost-share program.
  • Verify the landowner treatments.
  • Monitor the treatment sites periodically to insure performance.

The technical committee includes representatives of South Carolina DNR, US Fish and Wildlife, Clemson University, NRCS, Ducks Unlimited and The Nature Conservancy.

The USDA and the members of the Winyah Bay Focus Area Task Force prohibit discrimination of participants in all programs.

To apply for this cost share print the application below fill it in and mail or deliver to:

1837 N. Fraser St
Georgetown, SC 29440
(843)546-7808 ext.3
(Please have the applications to the District by April 20th, 2006)

pdf icon for phragmites fact sheet Winyah Bay Invasive Species Application

microsoft word icon Winyah Bay Invasive Species Application

pdf icon for phragmites fact sheet Phragmites fact sheet
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