Become an SCDNR Law Enforcement Officer

Job Description

General Position Description

SCDNR Law Enforcement Officers must have compassion for wildlife and be strongly motivated to protect South Carolina’s natural resources through enforcing the state and federal hunting, fishing and boating laws. Officers must have strong communication skills, be able to read a map, operate vehicles and be able to defend themselves and other law enforcement officers.

Working Conditions


Assignments are made where vacancies in the state exist. Applicants must be willing and able to take an assignment in any county in South Carolina. Assignments are given to officers after they have successfully completed basic training.


Officers often work outside of normal business hours. This means being willing and able to work extended shifts, state and federal holidays and having days off other than Saturday and Sunday. Officers must also expect to be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


SCDNR Law Enforcement Officers spend most of their time in the outdoors. Officers must be able to ride on rough roads or water for long periods of time. They must walk long distances on rough terrain, through marsh and swamps, be willing to sometimes work alone during the day and night. This includes during inclement and hazardous weather and sometimes in dangerous conditions. At times, officers are required to work in stressful situations that may require them to make decisions that can put their health and safety at risk. This can include search and rescue operations, working with people who are injured, violent, emotionally upset or otherwise pose a danger.


Officers are required to wear the appropriate uniform any time they are on duty. The agency provides uniforms and all necessary equipment at no cost to the officer. Personnel on duty and in uniform are required to maintain a neat and clean appearance to include:


Law Enforcement Officers have 90 days after Wildlife Basic Training to relocate to the county they have been assigned.

Salary and Benefits

SCDNR Law Enforcement Officer’s starting salary is $47,895.00. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources employees receive state benefits and officers participate in the Police Officer Retirement System. Additional post-employment training is available.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Law Enforcement Officer, please fill out the recruitment information form.