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South Carolina Water Resources Commission - Administrative Reports

Report Number Title Author
AR 1
Harvesting of timber in the Santee Swamp: Interim Report or the task force under authority of the Legilative Committee created by Concurrent Resolution 217 (1971) to evaluate the harvesting of timber in the Santee Swamp Frank P. Nelson, editor. August 1975
AR 2
Citizen Participation: Pee Dee River Basin Prepared for South Carolina Water Resources Commission by Clemson Architectural Foundation. May 15, 1977
AR 3
Upper Santee River Basin Water Problems and Priorities - A Citizens Survey Edward Falk, Margaret Waldrep and Betsy Wiginton, Clemson Architectural Foundation, Planning Research Division, May 1978 (Prepared for South Carolina Water Resources Commission)
AR 4
Water Law in South Carolina; in Legal Administrative System for Water Allocation and Management in the Southeast W.C. Moser, W.D. Cox, editor Virginia Water Resources Research Center, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. Blacksburg, VA 1978
Regulations for Ground Water Use in the Waccamaw Capacity Use Area Approved June 22, 1979 (State Library)
Summary of requirements of the Waccamaw Capacity Use Area Regulations, Chapter 121 B.C. Spigner, 1979
Preliminary Report on the Little Pee Dee River Paul M. Gettys, December 1980
Water Resources of the Mid-Piedmont Region, South Carolina; A Proposed Special Technical Study to determine Surface-and Ground-Water Availability South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and South Carolina Water Resources Commission, April 1989
Regulations for Ground Water Use in the Lowcountry Capacity Use Area Approved July 24, 1981
South Carolina Floodplain management needs; Goals and Recommendations Billy D. McKinnon, 1981
Pee Dee River Citizens Advisory Committee  
The Water Quality Operations Manual of the South Carolina Water Resources Commission L. H. Lagman, 1983
State of South Carolina Scenic Rivers Program, Procedures for the administration of the S.C. Scenic Rivers System SCWRC Staff, Revised July 1984
Lower Saluda River eligibility investigation, State Scenic Rivers Program SCWRC, Planning Division, July 1983
Water Resources of the Piedmont Region, South Carolina, A Work Plan SCWRC, August 1983
Ground-Water Resources of the Pee Dee River Basin, South Carolina, A Work Plan SCWRC, March 1984 (Out of print)
South Carolina Drought Response Plan Richard Rouse, 1983
Twelve Mile Creek eligibility investigation Fred Collins, January 1985
S.C. Tornadoes:
Part One: S.C. Tornadoes for yrs. 1972-1975
Part Two: Tornadoes frequency in vicinity of Lake Murray
John C. Purvis and John F. Sanders, III, May 1976 (Out of print)
Whitewater River and Thompson River eligibility and investigation

Terry L. Steinert, January 1986

Chapter 212; Oil and Gas Exploration, Drilling and Production Statutory Authority; 1976 Code, as amended, Section 48-43-10, et. seq.