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South Carolina Water Resources Commission - Aquatic Plant Management Research Reports

Report Number Title Author
1 Effectiveness of the Triploid White Amur in Controlling Aquatic Vegetation in Four Upstate Reservoirs C.R. Dillon
2 Research into the Life Cycle and Ecology of Water Primrose (Ludwigia urugvayensis) and Common Reed (Phragmites communis) to Develop Infestation Control Measures C.R. Dillon
3 Aquatic Herbicide Residues and Fate in Aquatic Sediments N.D. Camper and M.J. Paynter, July 1986
4 The Role of Submerged Macrophytes in Aquatic Community Metabolism, Phosphorus Budgets and Fish Community Dynamics in Shallow Pond Ecosystems H.N. McKellar, Jr., Mark Homer and Robin Tyler, June 1988

South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Council
in cooperation with
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Report Number Title Author
1 Aquatic and Wetland Plants of South Carolina
June 1990, Second edition, 1996
Cynthia A. Aulback, Steven J. de Kozlowski, Lawrence A. Dyck,
2 Aquatic Plant Management Plan  
3 Illegal Aquatic Plants of South Carolina