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South Carolina Water Resources Commission - Publications

Report Number Title Author
101 South Carolina Water Resources Supplemental Interim Report for Designated Appalachia Area James L. Aull and D. A. Duncan, 1967
103 Water Use in South Carolina WRC Staff, 1970 (State Library)
104 South Carolina Tidelands Report WRC Staff, 1970
108 Compilation of Tidelands Cases and Opinions Jane Golden, 1971
109 Index of Statutory Law pertaining to ownership, development and management of South Carolina's Tidelands John Winthrop, 1971
110 A Reconnaissance Survey of Streams in the South Carolina Coastal Plain for consideration as a part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System James Duke and Jeff Havel, 1971
111 Feasibility Study: Tidal Wetlands mapping of Beaufort County Lockwood, Kessler and Bartlett, Inc., 1972
113 Ashley-Combahee-Edisto (ACE) River Basin Framework Study James W. Duke, Editor 1972 (State Library)
114 Port Royal Sound Environmental Study WRC Staff, 1972 (State Library)
115 Wando River Environmental Quality Studies, an Interim Report Frank P. Nelson, Editor, 1973
116 The Cooper River, Santee-Cooper Lakes Navigation Study: Second Interim Report William Steel, D. H. Higgins and W. C. Moser, 1973
117 Cooper River Environmental Study Frank P. Nelson, Editor, 1974
118 Pee Dee River Basin Framework Study WRC Staff, 1977
119 South Carolina Water Resources ten acres or more in surface area Foster D. Coleman and Joe A. Dennis, 1974
120 Wando River Aerial Imagery and Marsh Productivity Study Robert E. Duncan, 1975
121 Reference Tables: Population Inventory by Counties, River Basins, and Sub-basins in South Carolina WRC Staff, 1975
122 Lower Santee River Environmental Quality Study Frank P. Nelson, Editor, 1976
123 Feasibility Study: Potential Industrial Development along the Santee-Cooper rediversion canal William R. Godwin, III and Christopher L. Brooks
124 Volumetric and related characteristics of the Back River Reservoir near Charleston, South Carolina Stephen T. Sutterfield, Stephen R. Pettigrew, and Lawrence H. Lagman, 1977
125 Water Supply Assessment and Feasibility Study of a County Water Supply System, Laurens County, South Carolina - Report to the Laurens County Legislative Delegation James B. Atkins, A. W. (Bud) Badr, Paul S. League, K. Earle Powell and Terry L. Steinert, 1990 (Out of print)
127 Municipal and Industrial Water Use in South Carolina James W. Duke, 1977
128 Drought Planning and Relief in South Carolina, A review of the problem and present response capabilities Stephen H. Snyder, George S. Saussey, III and Bennett S. Masaschi, 1978
129 Report on the ground-water resources of Horry and Georgetown Counties, South Carolina B. C. Spigner, Ken Stevens and William Moser, 1977 (State Library)
130 Water Quality and Aquatic Vegetation in the Back River Reservoir, Berkeley County, South Carolina Lawrence H. Lagman, Frank P. Nelson and G. Ed Richardson, May 1980
131 Cooper River Controlled Low-Flow Study WRC Staff, 1979
132 Report on ground-water conditions in the Low Country Area, South Carolina B.C. Spigner and Camille Ransom, 1979 (State Library)
133 Ground-water resources of Sumter and Florence Counties, South Carolina A. D. Park, 1980 (State Library)
134 Surface Water Resource Investigation of the Catawba-Wateree River System in South Carolina Danny L. Johnson and Steven J. de Kozlowski, Editors, 1981
135 Coastal Summaries- A SCWRC source book Stephen C. Chesley, 1982
136 Little Pee Dee River, a management survey for the State Scenic River System WRC Planning Division, 1982
137 Our Water... it's too valuable to waste; A Guide to Residential Water Conservation Mable K. Haralson and Ruth Sheard, revised 1987
138 Water Use in South Carolina, 1980 Gerald E. Lonon, 1983
139 The Ground-water Resources of Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties, South Carolina A. D. Park, 1985
140 South Carolina State Water Assessment WRC Staff, 1983
141 The National Flood Insurance Program WRC Planning Division, 1983
142 A Directory of Flood Plain Management Assistance Programs in South Carolina WRC Planning Division, 1983 (Out of print)
143 Congaree River, a preliminary management survey for the State Scenic Rivers Program Amy Rudell, 1984
144 Ground-water conditions and water-supply alternatives in the Waccamaw Capacity Use Area, South Carolina A. Michel Pelletier, 1985
145 Lower Saluda River Management Plan Fred Collins, Ann Nolte and H. Stephen Snyder, 1984
146 Travel time and dispersion characteristics of the Edisto River System, South Carolina Gerald E. Lonon, 1984
147 Ground-water conditions in the Ladies and St. Helena Islands Area, South Carolina Jeffrey A. Hassen, 1985
148 Water Use in South Carolina July-December 1983 Joseph A. Harrigan, 1985 (State Library)
149 Instream Flow Study - Phase I; Identification and priority listing of streams in South Carolina for which minimum flow levels need to be established Steven J. de Kozlowski, 1985 (State Library)
150 Little Pee Dee River Phase I Management Plan Barry R. Beasley, 1985
155 Geology and Ground-water Resources of Allendale, Bamberg and Barnwell Counties and part of Aiken County, South Carolina Robert W. Logan and Gwen M. Euler, 1989
156 Ground-water conditions in the Santee Limestone and Black Mingo Formation near Moncks Corner, Berkeley County, South Carolina J. Kevin Meadows, 1987
157 Potentiometric surface of the Floridan Aquifer in South Carolina; July 1986 Michael S. Crouch, W. Brian Hughes, W. Robert Logan and J. Kevin Meadows, 1987
158 Hydrogeology and saltwater contamination of the Floridan Aquifer in Beaufort and Jasper Counties, South Carolina W. Brian Hughes, Michael S. Crouch and A. Drennan Park, 1989
163 Instream Flow Study-Phase II; Determination of minimum flow standards to protect instream uses in priority stream segments Steven J. de Kozlowski, 1988
165 A geological approach to modeling the movement of ground water in the shallow aquifer in the vicinity of the Burton Recharge Area, Beaufort, South Carolina: Phase I Michael G. Waddell, 1989
166 Magnitude and frequency of low streamflows in South Carolina Terry L. Steinert, 1989 (State Library - Noncirculating)
167 Ground-water Resources of South Carolina's Coastal Plain: 1988 -- an overview Roy Newcome, Jr., 1989
168 Water Use and future requirements: Hilton Head Island and vicinity, South Carolina Roger W. McCready, 1989 (State Library)
169 The 100 Largest Public Water Supplies in South Carolina Roy Newcome, Jr., 1990
170 The Lower Saluda River Corridor Plan Barry Beasley, Beth McClure, Karen Shelley Smith and Tony L. Bebber, 1990
171 Inventory of lakes in South Carolina ten acres or more in surface area U.S. Army Engineer District, Charleston, Corps of Engineers and WRC, 1991
172 South Carolina Scenic Rivers Program Administrative Handbook WRC Staff, 1991
173 Impact of the Spartanburg Water System on the hydropower generation of Bluestone Energy Design, Inc., and Clifton Power Corporation Facilities A. W. (Bud) Badr, 1993 (Out of print)
174 Pumping Tests of the Coastal Plain Aquifers in South Carolina, With a Discussion of Aquifer and Well Characteristics Roy Newcome, Jr., 1993
175 Ground-water Resources of Calhoun County, South Carolina Teresa Greaney, 1993
176 Broad River Scenic River Management Plan, South Carolina WRC Staff, 1993 (State Library)
177 Assessing change in the Edisto River Basin: An Ecological Characterization William D. Marshall, Editor, 1993
178 Toward No Net Loss, A Methodology for Identifying Potential Wetland Mitigation Sites, Using a Geographic Information System Cynthia Brown, 1993 (State Library)