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South Carolina Water Resources Commission - Hydrology/Geology Map Series

Map Number Title Author
Generalized Geologic map of South Carolina Arthur H. Maybin, III, and Paul G. Nystrom, Jr., Revised by Clark A. Niewendorp, 2000
General Hydrology of South Carolina R.N. Cherry, A.W. Badr, and Andrew Wachob, 2001
Maintaining minimum flow in the streams of South Carolina A.W. Badr and Rodney N. Cherry, 1999
Distribution and rate of water use in South Carolina Joffre E. Castro and John R. Foster, 2000
Variations in salintiy in the North and South Santee Rivers, South Carolina Brenda L. Hockensmith, 2000

Springs of South Carolina
This is a 1-page, 26-inch by 17-inch poster-size publication. This report is also available as a 5-page, 8.5-inch by 11-inch document in PDF format: Springs Of South Carolina

H. Lee Mitchell, 2004