Genomics Program

Genomics History

The Marine Genomics Program was initiated some 7 years ago as cooperative effort among:

Now based at Hollings Marine Laboratory (HML), the Marine Genomics Program is the only NOAA-based resource capable of applying the new science of functional genomics to marine environmental health assessment. The Marine Genomics Program is dedicated to development and utilization of functional genomics tools for the accurate, quantitative, simultaneous measurement of the expression (transcription) of thousands of genes in marine organisms. These tools will be used to characterize the overall health of the organism and to assess the status of specific genetic pathways diagnostic of exposure to particular stressors. One of the long-term goals of the Marine Genomics Program at HML is to provide the facilities and intellectual resources that will assist (e.g., through collaboration and training) investigators at HML, other NOAA Centers and facilities, and a variety of university and research institutes, to construct gene microarrays for evaluating health responses of marine species.

Contact: Robert Chapman.