More than 20 SCDNR personnel assisted data collection activities as scientific divers, and we greatly thank the following individuals (in alphabetical order): M. Alexander, M. Arendt, D. Burgess, S. Burns, M. Davin, J. Evans, B. Frazier, G. Hanna, E. Hiltz, K. Kolmos, A. Lytton, P. Mikell, R. Martore, B. Merritt, G. Riekerk, K. Spanik, W. Sinkus, L. Sutley, M. Taliercio, L. Vinyard, E. Waldrop, and R. Yaden. J. Schwenter, J. Dingle, and C. Evans also provided valuable logistical support.

A dozen GADNR personnel (listed in alphabetical order) also deserve a heartfelt thanks for their contributions as scientific divers and/or additional logistical support: T. Blount, D. Franco, P. Geer, R. Harrell, B. Hilton, C. Kalinowsky, C. Kinstle, P. Medders, G. Meeks, J. Mericle, J. Sellazzo, and S. Woodward.

As previously noted in the results section of this website, detected animals were tagged by 35 distinct research groups, and we sincerely thank these researcher for both tagging such a diversity of species as well as their continued participation in the Atlantic Cooperative Telemetry and Florida Atlantic Coast Telemetry networks.

Development of appropriate moorings for long-term deployment of acoustic receivers in the marine environment presented numerous challenges. We greatly appreciate the insights provided by D. Fox, C. Hager, and M. McCallister regarding sub-surface deployment of acoustic receivers from Aids to Navigation (ATONs), as well assistance provided by numerous U.S. Coast Guard personnel (M. Mastrianni, T. Starsinic, H. Crider, M. Williams, T. Martin, J. Cartaya, and J. Rule) to obtain permission to deploy receivers in such fashion. We are also indebted to Curd Buoys for building our first functional seafloor mounted receiver buoys, as well as E. Reyier for allowing us to tweak his design which proved to be the best approach for a multi-year study.


Funding for acoustic receiver arrays off Brunswick, GA; Charleston, SC; and artificial reefs off Port Royal Sound, SC was provided by NMFS Species Recovery Grants to States award number NA13NMF4720045. Acoustic receiver arrays in the Port Royal, SC and St. Helena, SC shipping channels were funded by Port Royal Sound Foundation and Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund. Acoustic receivers deployed in the Winyah Bay, SC shipping channel and at six artificial reefs between Winyah Bay and Little River, SC were funded by the Dingell-Johnson Sportfish Restoration Act.

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