Private Property Night Hunting Notice and Registration for Hunting Feral Hogs, Coyotes, or Armadillos at Night

Feral hogs, coyotes, and armadillos may be hunted at night on registered properties on which a person has a lawful right to hunt. Feral hogs, coyotes, or armadillos may not be hunted at night on any unregistered property, except with a DNR-issued depredation permit. A hunting license is required of any hunters 16 years or older.


Register a property online for the lawful night hunting of feral hogs, coyotes, and armadillos during the hunting season.

SCDNR is using an online application system for this registration process, and you will need to create a user and password. Be sure to have your DNR Customer ID number ready when preparing to apply or you can create a new customer identification number. Please do not create a new Customer ID number if you have ever had a hunting or fishing license of any kind in South Carolina. Your Customer ID number can be found on any hunting or fishing license issued by the Department.

Annual Reporting

Registered night hunting properties are required to annually report their night hunting activities from when the property was registered through December 31st of each year. If you have multiple properties registered, complete the report for each property.

Report harvest and renew registration for a previously registered property.