South Carolina's Bald Eagles - Nest Locations

The current SCDNR bald eagle monitoring program includes nesting season aerial flight surveys. A subset of the documented nesting territories are surveyed each year resulting in the entire state being surveyed once every three years.

Visit SCDNR’s Heritage Trust webpage to see the county- and watershed-level distribution of documented Bald Eagle nests in South Carolina, as well as information from the State Wildlife Action Plan and NatureServe.

Non-documented nests receive the same level of protection as nests documented by SCDNR.

For more information about Bald Eagle nest locations please contact

Report a Nest

If you think you have discovered a Bald Eagle nest, please inform SCDNR.

View bald eagle protection information. Permits are issued by the USFWS. Contact the USFWS Migratory Bird Office 352-406-6780 for information. For South Carolina technical assistance contact