Celebrating 75 years of Wildlife Management Areas

Historical Photograph Gallery of James W. Webb Center and Wildlife Management Area

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Original Kings Grant to the Tison Family who owned the property from 1737-1898 - Reuben Henry Tison In 1898, John King Garnett purchased the property - The Plantation Broker 1902 August Belmont, Jr. purchased the property August Belmont named the property Paugramorga Club after his sons & brother August, Perry, and Morgan 1941 The property was purchased by the South Carolina Game and Fish Department Belmont Game Management Area Property Sign. 1947 James W. Webb was hired as the States first Game Biologist After James W. Webb's retirement the department honored him by renaming Belmont GMA to James W. Webb Wildlife Center and Management Area. Game harvested from the James W. Webb  Center and Management Area James W. Webb Center and Management Area Releasing Game on James W. Webb Center and Management Area