SC Marine Game Fish Tagging Program

Photograph gallery

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Nylon dart tags with applicator. The Dennison Standard Soft Grip Tagging Gun (Model D16000) along with t-bar anchor tags. Stomach contents of a red drum with an electric chicken grub. Weird color pattern for a bluefish. Two catfish “sparring” during spawning season. One has the other in its mouth. A rare bigeye sandtiger shark caught on a longline off Cape Canaveral. This red drum was found floating dead after it tried to eat a terrapin. The wrong way to release fish. Donna Potzauf with a 26-inch red drum tagged and released. Sara Spring with a red drum ready for release. Jack Potzauf shows off a nice red drum tagged and ready to be released.. Tagging program director Robert Wiggers with a healthy sheepshead. Lair uses the tag gun to insert a t-bar anchor tag into a red drum. A good tag and release setup. Note how everything is at the ready to facilitate tagging. Bryan Apperson with a tagged red drum. Algae growth on a t-bar anchor tag after 9 months attached to a sheepshead in the Wando River. The growth was easily scraped away to reveal the legend on the tag. A red drum with a properly located tag. Angler with a tagged fish. Angler with a tagged fish. Stephanie Murray with a pretty tagged red drum - 10/13/2013.