Spot the Difference... A deception of food

Plastic bags are a major litter problem in our oceans. It can take more than 20 years for plastic to break down in the ocean. Even then it's microplastic, which is consumed by marine life (like shellfish and other filter feeders) instead of food, causing harm. Sea turtles love jelly fish; it's their favorite food!

In the image below, we have hidden some plastic bags among the jellyfish swimming above the reef.

See how many plastic bags you can find!

Plastic bags floating with the jellyfish swimming above the reef

Did you find all 4 of the plastic bags? It's pretty easy for you to see when looking here, but sea turtles and other marine animals have a difficult time spotting the difference between a plastic bag and jellyfish. The bags cannot be digested causing injury and even death.

You can help save a life go to Recycle Location Finder to recycle your plastic bags!

Please let our sea turtles enjoy their jellyfish dinners without the choice of eating a plastic bag and other trash. It's UP2U to do your part by reducing, reusing, and recycling properly!