FOIA - Fees

As provided in SC Code Ann § 30-4-30(b) the Department shall collect reasonable fees for research, retrieval and copying costs related to each individual request. These fees are subject to change. These costs shall be charged at an hourly rate for actual staff time in retrieving, researching, programming or copying and assembly of information. Seespecific designations below:

Information Fee
Records Request Employee's hourly rate plus benefits
Compact disc or similar media $5.00/ea
Copying (black and white) $0.10/page

Title Search -Watercraft and Outboard Motor records

    Title Search form required

    (each title searched is considered a request)

Titling and Registration - Active Records Request
    First 20,000 electronic records $300.00/request
    For each electronic record over or under 20,000

    (as set forth on the request form)
Photographs Actual costs
Shipping and Handling (basic fee) $5.00

Said fees should be paid prior to the release of requested information. Information may be released prior to receipt of the fees. The FOIA Officer in coordination with their supervisor and the Department Director will determine this. The FOIA Officer will submit an invoice to the requestor stating the costs incurred for preparing the response and a time frame in which payment is to be submitted for these costs. If a check is not received within the designated time frame, this will serve as notice that the requestor is not interested in the information and the matter can be closed.