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Recreational Boating Accidents

Past Ten Years

The state of South Carolina has an abundance of water resources with 8,000 miles of river, 460,000 acres of lakes, and 3,000 miles of coastline. Whether it is fishing, water-skiing, hunting or pleasure boating, these resources are used every day by thousands of recreational boaters.

In 1973 there were sixty-four fatalities as a result of recreational boating accidents. That year there were only 128,000 boats registered in this state. An increase in law enforcement personnel, better laws like the Boating Safety Act of 1996, Drew's Law, and concentrated boating education classes statewide have teamed up in an effort to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities.

Year Recreational Boating
Recreational Boating Fatalities
2019 146 14 1*
2018 142 15 0*
2017 163 15 0*
2016 140 23 7*
2015 131 19 4*
2014 127 15 1*
2013 108 28 4*
2012 111 14 3*
2011 98 19 4*
2010 107 26 4*

* Represents the number of private pond fatalities that are included in the total. Boating safety regulations are not enforced on private ponds.

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