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What is the Envirothon?

The Envirothon is a program for high school students to learn more about our natural environment. The spirit of competition motivates athletes, drives successful businesses and stimulates new ideas. The Envirothon tests the student's knowledge on topics such as soils, water resources, forestry, wildlife and current environmental issues.

The Envirothon began in Pennsylvania in the spring of 1979. Since then, it has spread to other states and countries. South Carolina held its first Envirothon in 1997. High school teachers across the country are recognizing the value of the Envirothon as a means of strengthening the environmental awareness of young men and women, while still achieving the goals set forth by the State's curriculum standards.

The Envirothon experience is a unique approach to environmental education. Teams compete in an outdoor setting where they learn that cooperation is needed to achieve success. Participation in this competition can be great fun for both students and their advisors. The activities are designed to help the students become environmentally aware, action-oriented adults.

SC Envirothon Mission Statement

The SC Envirothon strives to advance environmental awareness through an outdoor venue for high school students to assess their knowledge of natural resource management issues and to promote a life-long commitment to environmental stewardship.

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