Quail Hunting

Wild Quail Management Seminar

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Small Game Program is a proud member of the South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative dedicated to restoring habitat for quail and other grassland birds. Established in 2015, the SCBI and its 31 members work to implement a plan written by SCDNR supported by the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative. The plan calls for forest management assistance, training in prescribed burning and habitat management, and conservation technical assistance. Additionally, SCDNR and SCBI provide financial assistance to landowners for forestry related and conservation practices.

South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative

National Bobwhite and Grassland Initiative - NBCI mission: A partnership to restore and maintain wild bobwhite quail, associated species, and their native habitats through science-based research and management to support healthy wildlife, soil, air, and water for the benefit of society.

Bobwhite quail - Species Description