Lake Edwin Johnson Regulations

Regulations for SCDNR-owned Properties

General Fishing Regulations

Game Freshwater Fishing Regulations

Nongame Freshwater Fishing Regulations

Specific Regulations for Lake Edwin Johnson

Regulation Number: 123-210

1. A valid South Carolina fishing license is required for all persons 16 years of age or older.

2. The lake is open from one-half hour before official sunrise until one-half hour after official sunset seven days a week.

3. Fishing is allowed with only rod and reels or poles. The statewide limit on the number of these devices applies.

4. Daily fish limits are 10 bream, 3 catfish, and 3 largemouth bass 15 inches or longer. Statewide limits apply for all other fish species.

5. Vehicles are restricted to roads and designated access areas only.

6. Trails are for walking or fishing access only; no ATV's, motorized vehicles, or horses allowed on these trails.

7. Pets must be on leashes or under the control of their owner at all times.

8. No minnows allowed for bait.

9. Boats are allowed, but may only be propelled by paddle or electric trolling motors.

10. All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements for operation and equipment

11. 00 The following activities are prohibited:

11. 01 Snagging of fish or the use of any nongame fish device

11. 02 Swimming

11. 03 Loitering

11. 04 Hunting

11. 05 Camping

11. 06 Trapping

11. 07 Loud noise or loud music

11. 08 Fireworks

11. 09 Fires (allowed in grill or designated areas only)

11. 10 Alcoholic beverages

11. 11 Possession or discharging of firearms

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