Young students aboard the E/V Discovery for an educational boat cruise

Teacher Workshops

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Teachers on the Estuary

Every summer we offer a workshop for teachers using South Carolina estuaries as our classroom. Join us as we explore salt marsh dynamics with marine researchers to collect and analyze data. You’ll bring home standards-based, STEM classroom lessons to teach your students.

Each day we will explore a different aspect of the estuary. Part of the day will be spent in the marsh or on a boat with biologists and science educators learning how to monitor the estuary and analyze the data. The rest of the day will be spent using lesson plans and educational resources to plan how to translate that research to your students. We will investigate coastal environmental issues and ways to promote solutions in your classroom and school. Apply for our June 26-27, 2024 TOTE!

From Seeds to Shoreline®

From Seeds to Shoreline® (S2S) is South Carolina’s only salt marsh restoration program designed for K–12 students and teachers. This year-long program engages participating schools with cultivating and transplanting Spartina alterniflora (smooth cord grass) to designated areas along the state’s coastline.

We partner with South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium and Clemson University Cooperative Extension to serve K-12 students and teachers from across the state.

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Spartina alterniflora seedlings sprouting in a greenhouse

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