A scene of dunes and marsh on Otter Island in the ACE Basin

Visitors of the ACE

Signage at South Fenwick Island with information on a pollinator field in the background.

The ACE Basin NERR provides the public with valuable sites to pursue recreational interests. SCDNR believes experiencing this special place first-hand is key to begin protecting it.

Here are some ways to recreate responsibly:

  1. Learn about key natural and cultural resources. There are many opportunities to lean about the environment and history around you. Take advantage of them
  2. Use “leave no trace” practices. When you visit the Reserve, make sure to bring out anything you brought with you and leave behind any plants, fossils, shells, etc.
  3. Follow proper boating etiquette. Pay attention to no wake zones and be safe around other people and boaters.

Current Projects

Margaret A. Davidson Fellowship

The Reserve is partnering with researchers from Clemson University to better understand how people recreate throughout the ACE Basin. By figuring out how many people are in specific areas and what activities they engage in, we can then better protect our coastal and natural resources, increase inclusion and accessibility, and create a better experience overall for our visitors.

Ecotour Workshop

Are you an ecotour operator, guide, or business owner? Come to our winter workshop series! SCDNR develops workshops for ecotour operators so they have the most up-to-date research, resources, and best practices. We understand the valuable role ecotours provide to thousands of visitors in the effort to protect our natural resources. Sign up for our email list to learn more.

Botany Bay Chronolog

Visitors to the beach at Botany Bay can contribute to a crowd-sourced timelapse of a rapidly changing ecosystem. Visit the Chronolog station on the beach causeway to participate.