A class on the beach surrounding an instructor

Technical Assistance

The Education Coordinator assisting a teacher attendee during a class

Does your community need support to make critical decisions about coastal resources? The Coastal Training Program (CTP) provides technical assistance to get your community moving toward your goals. We provide the following services to coastal communities and organizations:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Coordination of planning processes
  • Training development
  • Connecting decision makers with tools, information and expertise

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact the Coastal Training Program coordinator, Abigail Locatis Prochaska, at ProchaskaA@dnr.sc.gov.

Current Projects

Living Shorelines

The CTP assisted the Living Shorelines Working Group by interviewing landowners to gauge what they would like to see as part of a living shoreline permitting process. The CTP also served as part of a committee developing a living shorelines website that will house information for landowners and contractors, which will go live alongside the SCDHEC regulatory process. The CTP plans to develop and host workshops for contractors who want to learn about installing living shorelines once the regulatory process is in place.

Calling the Coast Home

The CTP and other South Carolina Coastal Information Network (SCCIN) partners are developing continuing education courses for real estate agents centering around themes like water quality, flooding and beachfront regulations.

Edisto Island Watershed Plan

The waterways on and around Edisto Island are affected by pollution from several sources. There are currently 24 locations in the area that are listed as impaired for either fecal coliform bacteria, enterococcus bacteria or turbidity. Clemson Extension and partners, including SCDNR, the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium and the Edisto Island Open Land Trust, are working with the Edisto community to create a Watershed Plan to address pollution in Store Creek, the South Edisto River-Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and the Dawho River-North Edisto River.