Characterization of the Ashepoo-Combahee-Edisto (ACE) Basin, South Carolina

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The ACE Basin Characterization study area is primarily rural with only five incorporated communities. The main land-use types in the ACE Basin are agriculture and silviculture, which together generated $58 million for 1994-95 in Colleton County. In addition to forestry and agriculture, the ACE Basin is utilized for hunting, commercial and recreational fishing, and tourism. Tourism in the ACE Basin is centered on its relatively undeveloped natural environment. One of the factors that makes the ACE Basin a unique area is the large amount of land that has been protected and can never be developed as a result of the efforts of state and federal governments, private landowners, and private organizations. Another aspect which makes the ACE Basin unique is the number of sites which are deemed significant natural areas by the S.C. Heritage Trust Program.