Diadromous Fish Research

Image of elver (baby eel)
Elver (baby eel)
Photo by B. Post - SCDNR

Eel Sampling

Young-of-Year Abundance Surveys for elvers (baby eels) are conducted annually as prescribed by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). The selected site is in Goose Creek, a tributary of the Cooper River. Historically, the Cooper River has been a major producer of elver/ glass eel harvest in the State.

Image of elvers (baby eels) captured in fyke net.
Elvers (baby eels) captured in fyke
Photo by B. Post - SCDNR

Sampling is conducted using a staked fyke-net for a six-week period, with sample catches taken four days per week from 28 January through 7 March. The fyke-net is staked with the trap end upstream and with wings extended from one bank to approximately two-thirds stream width. The gear is staked in a position where the major portion of the elver run was believed to pass and in a manner by which the entire water column would be fished.

For more info contact: Allan Hazel (843-953-9006)

Image of field crew setting up fyke net
Field crew setting up fyke net.
Photo by C. Hendrix - SCDNR
Image of crew removing elvers from net<
Crew removes elvers from net
Photo by B. Post - SCDNR