Diadromous Fish Research

Image of biologist preparing to record data
Biologist prepares to record data
Photo by B. Post - SCDNR

Fishery-independent Shad Sampling

SCDNR is required by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) to conduct fishery-independent sampling for American and Hickory shad.

Image of biologist with shad
Biologist with shad
Photo by B. Post - SCDNR

Field crews sample various river systems with drift gill nets during shad season. When shad are caught, they are measured, weighed, sexed, and tagged. Some of these fish are then recaptured by commercial fishers later in the season. This information is used to generate estimates for fishing mortality, length frequency trends, and age data.

Image of biologists freeing shad from gill net
Biologists free shad from gill net
Photo by B. Post - SCDNR