Diadromous Fish Research

Image of commercial shad fishermen pulling net
Commercial shad fishermen pulling net
Photo by A. Hazel - SCDNR

Fishery-dependent Shad Sampling

The season for commercial shad fishing is open from January 15th to April 30th (depending on river system).

Image of biologist sampling commercial shad catch
Biologist sampling commercial shad catch
Photo by A. Hazel - SCDNR

SCDNR is required by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) to conduct fishery-dependent sampling for American shad. Field crews sample commercial fishermen’s catch (200 fish) throughout the open season.

Measurements, weights, and sex are recorded. Also, scale samples are taken from each fish. This information is used to generate age frequencies, sex ratios, and monitor the overall catch trends.

For more info: contact Bill Post - (843)953-9821.

Image of shad scale
Shad Scale
Photo by S. DeVictor - SCDNR
Image of commercial shad catch
Commercial shad catch
Photo by B. Post - SCDNR