SCDNR Property Watch Program

Information on Case Preparation - Examples

The following examples of illegal or irresponsible behavior are offered to assist landowners in determining what type problems are occurring.

Dogs are running on landowner's property and hunters are driving around in trucks to locate.

This is a situation that requires an experienced officer to assist the landowner. This could be a group of very ethical hunters conscientiously attempting to retrieve dogs or a group of unethical road hunters, or sometimes, somewhere in between these two extremes. DNR officers refer to this as road hunting and the DNR should be contacted as soon as possible. The checklist should be followed to assist the DNR officer and to support a warrant if the need arises. Landowners are reminded that this is one of the most difficult situations for a DNR officer to determine any law violations. The landowner may have to seek civil action to alleviate this type problem.

Main affected law: 50-11-760;
* Repetitive problems may be solved by 50-1-137

Landowner notices trees freshly scared by portable treestands.

The landowner must determine if persons with or without permission made the marks. If made without permission; landowners should try to determine the direction of travel to and from the stand. Using caution; the landowner should attempt to make contact with the trespasser on route to and from the stand. When contact is made, the landowner should obtain the information on the checklist and proceed to the magistrate to sign a warrant. If the subject is not cooperative, get all possible information and leave the area. Try to maintain contact if possible while the DNR is notified.

*NOTE: Caution should be used when approaching deer stands or violators. If threatening conditions appear, leave the area and notify DNR or local law enforcement.

Main affected laws: 50-1-90 and 16-11-610

Landowner sees fresh vehicle tracks on road shoulder near fields.

Notify DNR as soon as possible. Unethical hunters may be "dropping off" other hunters or this could be a sign of night hunting.

A landowner sees fresh boot tracks going around gate.

Unethical hunters may be "dropping off" other hunters on the property. The landowner should wait out of sight near the area during early morning and late afternoon. The subject, when seen, can be approached by the landowner and the proper information gathered utilizing the checklist.

Main affected law: 50-1-90