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SCDNR Property Watch Program

The problems

For many years the DNR has experienced sharp increases in the number of complaints and cases for trespassing and road hunting. The DNR is also receiving an increasing amount of landowner complaints due to deer dogs interfering with still hunting or other activities. While many of these complaints arise out of conflicting hunting styles in limited areas, the majority of these complaints are the result of unethical hunting practices in which dogs are used to push game off of property on which the dog handlers/ owners do not have permission to hunt. In addition, many complaints are the result of legal dog deer hunters not properly controlling deer dogs and confining the dogs to property on which the hunters have permission to hunt.

The increasing number of these type incidents requiring a DNR response is growing at an alarming rate. It is unfortunate that hunters are facing off over these incidents. All hunters should be standing together in support for ethical hunting practices. Unethical and unthoughtful hunters are doing a great harm to the sport of hunting. While many complaints come from hunters, many are coming from non hunting landowners and homeowners. Many non hunting landowners and homeowners tolerate hunting, but may become avid "anti-hunters" after repetitive problems and confrontations with unethical or unthoughtful hunters. If this trend continues, the sport of hunting may well be effected in the long run.