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Educational Materials

Files below are in the PDF file format.

SCDNR Publications

Sea Science: Sea Turtles
Sea Science: Sea Turtles (PDF Version)
Loggerhead Sea Turtle Status Update


Sea Grant Teacher Training Program - a teaching exercise to instruct children (K-12) about loggerhead demographics and mortality has been developed and made available at national marine educators training sessions and on the VIMS Sea Grant Website “The Bridge”.

Project Oceanica has produced an educational website titled "Loggerhead Lessons: A Web-Based Educational Resource." It is a wonderful tool for teachers, students and others who want to learn anything about Loggerhead turtles. It contains photos of the turtles and their nest sites, photo documentaries on their life history and management, a dichotomous identification key, standards-based activities for middle school teachers, and more!

Mote Marine Laboratory offers marine science programs via SeaTrek distance learning using interactive videoconferencing technology. With each of our programs, we develop content units that teachers can use in the classroom.

Contact Margaret Olsen at for loads of contacts and sources of K-12 sea turtle curriculum.  She and other members of the Georgia Association of Marine Education GAME) authored a whole curriculum on marine science, one portion of which was all sea turtles.

For older children, NOAA has a sea turtle anatomy guide (in color, maybe too detailed for some) that is mostly for people that are doing stranding work etc., but may be an appreciated addition to a high school anatomy class.

Sea Turtle Conservancy

Project Wild Turtles Hurdles

Download These Resources

Sea Turtle Coloring Book
Sea Turtle Board Game
Sea Turtle Game Instructions
Hatchling Havoc Activity
Sea Turtle Educators Handbook (6 MB)
Activity Guide (2 MB)
Sea Turtle Game

Field Excursions

SC Aquarium Sea Turtle Care Center
Kiawah Island Nature Center
Hunting Island State Park Friends Group
Edisto Beach State Park Interpretive Center
Huntington Beach State Park Interpretive Center Barrier Island Ecotours
Botany Bay Plantation
Marine education charters on Hilton Head
Edisto Island Serpentarium
North Carolina Sea Turtle Hospital
Georgia Sea Turtle Center


The Windward Road, Archie Carr
So Excellent a Fishe, Archie Carr
Voyage of the Turtle, Carl Safina
Sea Turtles, the Watchers Guide, Timothy O’Keefe
Turtle Tracks, Sally Harman Plowden
Turtles in my Sandbox, Jennifer Keats Curtis
Carolina’s Story, Donna Rathmell
Decline of the Sea Turtles, Causes and Prevention, National Research Council
Chelonia, Return of the Sea Turtle
State of the Worlds Turtles  I, II, III publications
Sea Turtles, An Ecological Guide, Gulko and Eckert


Journey of the Loggerhead, Environmental Media
Last Journey for the Leatherback
Sea Turtle Ladies of Charleston County, SCETV