Reporting your Wild Turkey Harvest is now Required by Law

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What is SC Game Check?

SC Game Check is a new electronic harvest reporting system designed to track wild turkey harvest on a daily, county-by-county basis. SC Game Check is required by law and all turkey hunters in South Carolina must report their harvest by midnight on the day of harvest. It is a quick, easy, and free system for reporting harvests by a smartphone app, website portal or toll-free phone number.

Why SC Game Check?

SC Game Check will provide detailed daily harvest totals and trends throughout the season. It will also provide harvest data on private land vs. public land. This, in addition to the harvest data and hunter effort data received from post-season mail surveys, will aid SCDNR in evaluating the impact of season frameworks and help provide recommendations for regulatory and legislative decisions and allow for more adaptive approaches to managing wild turkeys into the future. Additionally, the reporting system, along with the already required physical tagging of wild turkeys, will foster and enhance bag limit compliance and provide an additional tool for enforcement of limits and regulations.

How do I use SC Game Check?

After harvesting and tagging your wild turkey, simply report the harvest by midnight that day by:

Take your pick and use the method that works best for you.

What information do I need to Report a Harvest?

First, verify your personal information in the system. That's a combination of your LAST NAME, your YEAR OF BIRTH and your SCDNR CUSTOMER ID number (found on your license or tags), or the last 4 digits of your SSN or Driver's License number. Then, provide:

It's a fast and convenient process and you will receive a confirmation number when you are done.

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