Coastal Birds in South Carolina - Research & Resources

Sign Posting

In coastal areas where seabirds and shorebirds are nesting or roosting, signs are posted around the perimeter of nesting areas to warn people and their pets to avoid the nesting birds. Disturbance to nesting seabirds and shorebirds will cause the birds to leave their nests which may result in predation by other animals such as gulls and could expose the eggs or young to excessive temperatures which may result in mortality. Seabird and shorebird eggs are cryptic, and therefore difficult to see making the eggs vulnerable to being trampled. Sometimes signs will be strung together with flagging attached to the string between signs. This indicates absolutely no passage beyond or into the posted area.

SCDNR uses several kinds of signs to post seabird and shorebird sites including areas where shorebirds roost during migration and in the winter. If you know of a location that needs to be posted, please contact SCDNR biologists before using any of the signs below. If you would like to help SCDNR in posting nesting areas, please contact our staff.

Supplies used to post beach signs are:

  • 8 ft. long, 2x2 treated wooden posts
  • Galvanized deck screws
  • String or nylon surveyor's twine
  • Flagging

Additional Information about Beach Posting (Florida Shorebird Alliance)