Canada Goose Information

Special Canada Goose Permit for Lethal Control

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has obtained a special Canada goose permit from the USFWS which authorizes certain resident Canada goose management and control activities that are normally prohibited. The permit authorizes SCDNR to issue individual permits to landowners, homeowners associations, and other legal entities for the lethal take of Canada geese and their nests and eggs during the period from March 10-August 31. To obtain this permit please contact 803-734-3887

A PDF version of the application form for the Special Canada Goose Permit . When completed, the application may be submitted by pressing the "Submit" button on the form. You will get a response to your submission within 7 days.


Read more: US Federal Regulations, Title 50, Chapter 1, Subchapter B, Part 21 "Migratory Bird Permits"

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Reed-Joseph International Co.
P.O. Box 894 - 230 Main Street
Greenville, MS 38701

Sutton Ag Enterprises, Inc.
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Biocontrol network
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For further assistance, contact:

USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services
400 Northeast Drive, Suite L
Columbia, SC 29203
Office: (803) 786-9455
Fax: (803) 786-9472
Toll Free: 1-866-4USDAWS