Property Location:
Saint Helena Island, SC 29920

Latitude: 32.255
Longitude: -80.61

Acreage: 1

County: Beaufort


Felicia Sanders
Santee Coastal Preserve
McClellanville, South Carolina 29458

Seabird Sanctuaries - Bay Point Shoal

Bay Point Shoal Seabird Sanctuary is located at the mouth of Port Royal Sound in Beaufort County, between Trenchard's inlet and the northern end of Bay Point Island, which lies just north of Hilton Head Island. Although once completely surrounded by water, Bay Point Shoal is currently connected to Bay Point Island by shifting sandbars, thus allowing access for mammalian predators. The current low elevation of the sandbar also makes it susceptible to frequent over wash from high tides and consequently, it does not currently support colonial seabird nesting. It remains an important habitat for seabirds and shorebirds who use the intertidal area to rest and feed. In the future, this seabird sanctuary may grow in elevation and again support nesting.

Hours of Operation

Closed one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise.

Calendar of Events and Closures

Currently there are no events for this property.

Directions to Property

Bay Point Shoal comprises approximately 1 acre at the mouth of Port Royal Sound in Beaufort County. It's near the southern end of Bay Point Island, which lies just north of Hilton Head Island.

Property Owner Information

South Carolina Budget and Control Board is the property Owner and has a cooperative partnership with SCDNR to manage this property.

Additional Regulations for Bay Point Seabird Sanctuary

Regulation Number: 50-11-860

  1. No dogs are allowed.
  2. No person may enter any area of the preserve designated as a nesting area for birds.
  3. No camping is allowed.

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