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February 11, 2015Reel Art contest winners announced

A student from Mount Pleasant recently took top honors as the overall winner in South Carolina's 2015 Reel Art contest, a competition held annually by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources sponsored by Sportfish Restoration Funds and the Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund.

Entries were judged in Columbia at S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) headquarters on February 9th. Replicas of the winning artwork will be exhibited at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in February 13-15 at Marion Square in Charleston and at the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic March 27-29 at the State Fairgrounds in Columbia. Grayson Lutz from Thomas Cario Middle School received State Best of Show and a first-place award in the Grades 4-6 category for her depiction of a robust redhorse, a freshwater species once thought to be extinct, but rediscovered in Georgia waters in 1991.

Contact Lorianne Riggin, DNR aquatic education coordinator, for more information on the annual contest at aquaticed@dnr.sc.gov.

Students from across the state submitted 674 entries to the South Carolina Reel Art competition for 2015. Awards were given in each of four class groups (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12), including one overall winner, a first place, second place, third place and five honorable mention ribbons for each class group. The overall winner is selected from among the four first-place winners representing all four groups.

The best of show winner's art teacher is Stefani Timmerman of the Thomas Cario Middle School. Grayson will be awarded art supplies and a ticket to see her artwork on display at the Palmetto Sportsman's Classic. Everyone who enters gets a certificate and art supplies.

Riggin says the Reel Art contest is a conservation education program designed to give students in grades K-12 a chance to learn about the diverse aquatic animals and aquatic habitats that exist in South Carolina, while creating some extraordinary pieces of art.

Top placing entries in the Reel Art contest were:

Category - Place - Names - School

K-3 - 1st - RJ Brown - Lexington Elementary
K-3 - 2nd - Dinish Chalamalla - Lexington Elementary
K-3 - 3rd - Peter Bleyer - Pathways for Scholars
K-3 - HM - Ayden Fournier - Waccamaw Elementary
K-3 - HM - Coleman Kastner - Lexington Elementary
K-3 - HM - Seth Turner - Jackson School
K-3 - HM - Xavier Richard - Lexington Elementary
K-3 - HM - Kylee Woodard - Lexington Elementary

4th-6th - 1st & BOS - Grayson Lutz - Thomas Cario Middle
4th-6th - 2nd - Ethan Betsill - Thomas Cario Middle
4th-6th - 3rd - Sara Pullen - Fairfield Magnet School for Math & Science
4th-6th - Chief's Choice - Joshua Daniel - Daniel Independent Homeschool
4th-6th - HM - Matthew McFarland - Thomas Cario Middle
4th-6th - HM - Olivia Wingo - Thomas Cario Middle
4th-6th - HM - Haley Swords - Fairfield Magnet School for Math & Science
4th-6th - HM - Will Chase - Thomas Cario Middle
4th-6th - HM - Morgan Flanders - Thomas Cario Middle

7th-9th - 1st - Chloe King - Thomas Cario Middle
7th-9th - 2nd - Janis Parker - Middle School of Pacolet
7th-9th - 3rd - Drew Whitman - Thomas Cario Middle
7th-9th - HM - Melanie Murray - Cane Bay Middle
7th-9th - HM - Alexa D'Angelo - Thomas Cario Middle
7th-9th - HM - Chloe Smith - Thomas Cario Middle
7th-9th - HM - Gracen Kay - Cane Bay Middle
7th-9th - HM - Samuel Wyatt - Middle School of Pacolet

10th-12th - 1st - Thomas Brown - White Knoll High
10th-12th - 2nd - Ebony Gibbs - Brookland Cayce High
10th-12th - 3rd - Cassidy Mulligan - Aiken High
10th-12th - HM - Belle Young - White Knoll High
10th-12th - HM - Nick Rezendes - White Knoll High
10th-12th - HM - Savannah Cagle - White Knoll High
10th-12th - HM - Su Di Wang - White Knoll High
10th-12th - HM - Tyler Horton - Charleston School of the Arts

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