Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries

The core mission of the SCDNR's Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) Division is to protect, manage, and sustain the public enjoyment of natural resources through programs that support hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, and other forms of outdoor recreation. The Division develops and implements programs that manage and conserve the wildlife and freshwater fishery resources of the state. Division programs are divided among two sections: Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. The main offices are located at 1000 Assembly Street in Columbia, with regional offices in Clemson, Florence and Charleston.

Marine Resources

The Marine Resources Division (MRD) is the chief advocate for, and steward of, the state's living marine resources and their habitats. The Division is responsible for the management and conservation of the state's marine resources. The division conducts routine monitoring and research on the state’s marine resources and makes recommendations for the management of those resources. The division is headquartered at the Marine Resources Center on Charleston Harbor with field offices in Bluffton and Bennett’s Point.

Law Enforcement

The core mission of the SCDNR's Law Enforcement Division is:

  1. to conserve and protect the state’s natural resources for social, economic, recreational, and commercial benefit while providing maximum human utilization;
  2. to preserve the peace and protect human lives and property;
  3. to develop public support through outreach, education, and safety programs; and
  4. to enforce the state’s and federal criminal laws through the detection, apprehension, and prosecution of persons who violate those laws.

Land, Water and Conservation

The mission of the Land, Water and Conservation (LWC) Division is to provide scientific and reliable information to policy and decision makers and to the public in order to understand, sustain, and protect the state’s natural resources for the benefit of all generations. The Division satisfies this mission by implementing programs that address planning, research, technical assistance and public education. The LWC Division also coordinates SCDNR review of environmental impacts of construction and alteration activities in the 38 inland counties of South Carolina.