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South Carolina Temperature and Precipitation Trends 1901-2005

South Carolina Temperature and Precipitation Trends 1901-2010

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South Carolina State Climatology Office
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Year Dates
in S.C.
Category Storm Track Map Comments
1981 August 19-20 N Myrtle Beach, SC H-1 Dennis Heavy rains, greater than six inches, caused significant flood damage in low-lying areas.
1982 June 18-19 Offshore STS Sub-Tropical Storm #1 Formed over eastern Gulf of Mexico, drifted across Florida and passed offshore South Carolina.
1984 September 11-14 near Wilmington, NC H-2 Diana Minimal category 2 hurricane at landfall with heavy rains andhigh winds. Only minor damage in S.C.
1984 September 29-30 Palm Beach, FL T.S. Isidore Moved northeast well offshore SC, but caused heavy rains along the SC coast.
1985 July 25 Fripp Island, SC H-1 Bob Minimal hurricane came ashore at Fripp Island and moved northward.
1985 August 17 Peacon Island, LA H Danny The remnants of Danny passed across the northwest tip of the State. Four tornadoes touched down in Spartanburg, York, and Union counties.
1985 October 10 Fernandina Beach, GA T.S. Isabel Rain event.
1985 November 22 Panama City, FL H-1 Kate Downgraded to a tropical storm and moved eastward across the south tip of SC. The storm then turned northeast and tracked up the coast before moving out to sea. Only minor damage reported.
1986 August 15 none H-1 Charley Formed on August 15 140 miles east-southeast of Charleston. The disturbance moved northward and became a weak hurricane. Charley remained offshore but caused heavy rains along the coast.
1988 August 28 Beaufort, SC T.S. Chris Came ashore in Beaufort County during the early afternoon. Moved northward through central SC during afternoon and evening. Spawned off numerous tornadoes and thunderstorms. Heavy rain (3-6 inches) causing urban flooding.
1989 September 21 Charleston, SC H-4 Hugo Landfall at Isle of Palms, SC. Winds: 140 mph. Gusts: 160. Costliest storm in South Carolina's history. Over 6 billion dollars of damage. 35 storm-related fatalities. Storm surge: over 20 feet. Severe inland damage as winds gusted to 109 mph at Sumter, SC.

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