Year Dates
in S.C.
Category Storm Track Map Comments
1990 October 12 West-Central, FL T.S. Marco Marco made landfall along the Florida Panhandle. As Marco moved inland, it weakened. The remnants of Marco caused heavy rains and flooding. 120 dams failed statewide. 10 to 11 inch rain totals were reported in Spartanburg county.
1991 June 3 Miami, FL T.S. Ana Rain event.
1991 August 18 Newport, RI H-3 Bob 1 storm-related fatality. Rain event.
1992 August 27 Homestead, FL H-4 Andrew Several bands of thunderstorms moved across northwestern S.C. ahead of the remnants of Hurricane Andrew. Heavy rains fell in the mountains, totalling four to seven inches over 36 hours, but no substantial flooding occurred. The strongest band produced wind damage in Abbeville county.
1994 June 7 Pensacola, FL T.S. Alberto Alberto made landfall on the Panhandle of Florida, then came inland into Georgia, then SC as a tame rain event.
1994 August 17 New Orleans, LA T.S. Beryl Rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Beryl totaled 4 to 5 inches in the Piedmont area of the Upstate, and 12 inches in the mountains. This rainfall caused severe flooding in northern Greenville and Spartanburg counties. Flooding of the Saluda river was the worst in 60 years.
1994 November 21 Ft. Myers, FL H-1 Gordon Gordon made landfall at Ft. Myers, FL, then exited into the Atlantic on the 16th. Tropical Storm Gordon then came up the coast and through the SC Low Country. The remnants of Gordon caused minor coastal flooding.
1995 June 5 St. Teresa, FL H-1 Allison The remnants of Allison moved through SC causing heavy rains, some flooding and minor wind damage. In Georgetown county heavy rains caused street flooding. A waterspout moved onshore at Hilton Head and damaged 35 parked cars.
1995 August 28 Hollywood, FL T.S. Jerry Jerry tracked through the upstate of S.C., causing flash floods, and dumping 8 to 10 inches of rain in about an eight hour period. Some rain totals exceeded 20 inches. Several large dams broke causing flooding across the State. The SC Dept. of Transportation estimated $4-5 million dollars worth of damage to roads and bridges from Hurricane Jerry.
1996 June 19 N/A T.S. Arthur The center of Tropical Storm Arthur passed about 75 miles east of Cape Romaine, N.C. on the morning of June 19, causing minimal surf and no surge. Five inches of rain fell in Georgetown, S.C. accumulated around 5 inches as the storm passed, but it fell gradually, and there was no flooding reported.
1996 July 12 Surf City, NC H-3Bertha Bertha came close to the coastal counties of SC, but did not cause any significant damage. The maximum sustained winds (36 kts) and peak gusts (50 kts) both occurred at the Charleston City office. Bertha's most significant impact was on tourism. No significant beach erosion.
1996 September 4 Cape Fear, NC H-3Fran Fran dropped 3-8 inches of coastal rain.
1996 October 8 Cedar Key, FL T.S. Josephine Josephine became an extratropical storm that produced flash floods, and heavy rains (3 to 5 inches) in SC. Thunderstorms from Josephine created wind gusts between 50-60 mph, causing down trees and power lines. On Hilton Head Island, residents had flooding up to the side of their cars.
1997 July 24 Mobile Bay, LA H-1 Danny The remnants of Danny moved out of northeast Georgia and across the Upstate from the 23rd to the 24th. Danny related storm cells produced two short-lived, weak tornadoes. The remnants also caused flooding.
1998 August 26 Wilmington, NC H-3 Bonnie The center of Hurricane Bonnie came within 70 miles of the Horry County coast. Highest wind reports ranged as high as 82 mph at the Cherry Grove pier. At the Myrtle Beach Pavilion the highest gust was 76 mph. Rainfall ranged from 2 to 4 inches.
1998 September 3 Panama City, FL H-1 Earl Came ashore on the Florida Gulf Coast as a tropical storm, and passed across the Carolinas as an extratropical storm on the 3rd. Wind gust reports ranged as high as 70 mph in Horry county, where sustained winds reached 50 mph for 5 minutes. A tornado briefly touched down in Georgetown County. Rainfall reports ranged from 2 to 4 inches.
1999 August 29 Harker's Island, NC H-1 Dennis Rainbands from Dennis dropped 6 inches of rain on Horry County. The highest wind gust, 48 mph, occurred in North Myrtle Beach.
1999 September 16 Cape Fear, NC H-5Floyd The center moved northeast about 60 miles off the coast of Georgetown, SC, where wind 50 to 60 mph gusts were recorded. Rainfall was heavy along coastal counties, a foot of rain fell in Georgetown County; 18 inches feel in eastern Horry County. The heavy rains caused flooding to many roads, and buildings. Waves were reported to be 15 feet at Cherry Grove Pier where damage was the greatest.
1999 October 17 Miami, FL H-3 Irene Rainbands from Irene created 3 to 5 inches of rain for coastal S.C. There was minor street flooding reported by emergency management personnel across Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley counties. The highest wind gust, 48 mph, occurred in downtown Charleston, S.C. There were reports of sporadic power outages, along with minor beach erosion along the Charleston County coastline.

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