SC Heritage Trust Advisory Board

The next meeting of the Heritage Trust Advisory Board will be Thursday, August 10th, beginning at 10:00 am at the Parker Annex Archaeology Center located at 2025 Barnwell Street, Columbia, SC 29201. The agenda will be posted prior to the meeting.

The minutes of past board meetings are archived and available for your viewing.

To contact the Heritage Trust Advisory Board, please email or send correspondence to SC Department of Natural Resources, Attn: Heritage Trust Advisory Board – Suite 354, PO Box 167, Columbia, SC 29202.

Gubernatorial Appointees
Mr. Campbell D. Coxe (Chair)
District 5
District 1
Mr. Kevin M. Hunter
District 2
Rob S. Keck
District 3
Dr. Oswald (Sonny) H. King, III
District 4
Dr. Julia E. Krebs
District 6
Julien E. Springs
District 7
State Agency Members Alternates
Dr. Jonathan Leader, Ph.D.
SC Inst. of Arch. & Anthrop.
State Archaeologist
Mr. Steve Smith
SC Inst. of Arch. & Anthrop.
Dr. Eric Emerson, Ph.D.
SC Dept. of Archives & History
Agency Director, State Historic Preservation
Office, State Archivist
Mr. Brad Sauls
SC Dept. of Archives & History
State Historic Preservation Office
Supervisor of Survey, Registration, Grant, and Local Government Programs
Mr. Harry M. Lightsey, III
SC Department of Commerce
Secretary of Commerce

Mr. Clarke Thompson
SC Department of Commerce
Chief Protocol Officer
Mr. Scott Phillips
SC Forestry Commission
State Forester, Secretary to the Commission

Mr. Tom Patton
SC Forestry Commission
Deputy State Forester
Mr. Ken Rentiers
SC Dept. of Natural Resources
Deputy Director – Land, Water & Conservation Division
Mr. Duane Parrish
SC Dept. of PRT
Agency Director
Mrs. Terry Hurley
SC Dept. of PRT
State Park Services
Chief of Interpretation & Resource Management
Robert H. Boyles, Jr.
SC Dept. of Natural Resources
Agency Director
Ms. Emily Cope
SC Dept. of Natural Resources
Deputy Director – Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Division
Ms. Amy Bartow-Melia
SC Museum Commission
Executive Director
Ms. Meredith Nichter
SC Museum Commission
Mr. Jake Rasor, Jr.
SCDNR Board of Directors

The SC Heritage Trust Advisory Board Meeting Minutes below are in the PDF format. Most file sizes are less than 1M unless noted.

Meeting Minutes