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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 1990

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 February 10, 1990 Oconee (F1) A small tornado touched down in Oconee County during the early morning hours. The tornado struck a highly populated area, but because of the early morning hour, most people were safely asleep in their homes. A mobile home park near Seneca sustained $120,000 in damages and one person was injured. 1 60
2 February 10, 1990 Pickens (F1) A small tornado was observed 3 miles NW of Clemson. Many mobile homes and permanent structures were damaged. 2 60
3 February 10, 1990 Pickens (F1) A small tornado caused damage on 86 dwellings and many businesses. Total damage was estimated at about $300,000. 3 100
4 February 10, 1990 Greenville (F0) A weak tornado struck the Haywood Mall area at 8:00 AM EST. The tornado blew the facing off a storefront, blew down light poles, broke some glass and damaged some signs. The tornado skipped several times and then struck the Pelham Road area causing damage to homes and apartments. 3 80
5 February 10, 1990 Spartanburg (F1) A small tornado damaged several homes and picked up one mobile home. 2 50
6 February 16, 1990 Kershaw (F0) A funnel cloud that developed in Lexington County traveled eastward, touched down, briefly uprooted some trees and damaged a house 5 miles NE of Camden. <1 10
7 April 28, 1990 Spartanburg (F0) Several funnel clouds were observed moving slowly over the city at about 5:10 PM EST. A tornado touched down causing trees to be blown on to homes and power lines to come down. 2 30
8 April 28, 1990 Spartanburg (F1) A tornado touched down at Inman and produced considerable damage and four injuries; two when a mobile home was destroyed, one was hit by a truck that was blown off the road, and the last was struck with an object that flew through the window. 6 50
9 April 28, 1990 Cherokee (F1) A tornado touched down east of Gaffney. Damage was limited mostly to trees and utilities, but at least three permanent structures were damaged. 5 40
10 May 4, 1990 Laurens (F0) A small tornado touched down briefly causing some damage mainly to tombstones in a cemetery. <1 20
11 August 6, 1990 Marlboro (F0) A small tornado blew a car 107 feet, damaged several buildings, and cut a path through trees. 1 20
12 August 29, 1990 Berkeley (F1) A tornado occurred knocking down numerous trees and power lines. Power outages lasted almost a day. 1 100
13 October 22, 1990 Calhoun (F2) A tornado killed an 11 year old girl and injured four other persons. Three mobile homes and several other structures were damaged. <1 20

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