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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 1993

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 February 21, 1993 Anderson (F1) A tornado touched down in the center of Belton. Most damage occurred from large trees falling on homes and businesses. 2 200
2 February 22, 1993 Lexington (F1) A tornado clipped off or uprooted numerous trees along a .5 mile path. Several small structures were damaged. <1 450
3 March 23, 1993 Oconee (F0) This tornado spun a car around on the highway. <1 20
4 March 23, 1993 Greenville (F0) This tornado tossed a large boat out of Lake Keowee onto land and damaged several boathouses. The tornado skipped across the ground for about five miles. Most damage was downed trees and power lines.
5 March 23, 1993 Anderson (F0) This tornado moved a mobile home off its foundation and trees were downed in an area. 1 30
6 March 31, 1993 Pickens (F0) This tornado never actually reached the ground but several cars were blown off the road on Highway 123 in Easley. Trees and power lines were also downed throughout the area. <1 10
7 April 15, 1993 Greenwood and
(F1) A tornado left a mostly continuous 4-mile path through Greenwood and Laurens counties. Trees and power lines were blown down all along the path. Chimneys were blown off some houses and large trees fell on several structures. A couple of mobile homes were damaged, one almost destroyed. A steeple was blown off a church and numerous trees were blown down. 34 300
8 April 15, 1993 Union (F2) A tornado struck Union causing damages at around $500,000. Plate glass windows were blown out in the downtown area. There was also considerable damage done to trees and power lines from wind-driven hail. Large trees crushed some homes and a falling tree crushed a car with two people in it. The two people suffered injuries. Mobile homes and houses were damaged and destroyed and the area hospital accrued $50,000 in water damages. 6 600
9 May 4, 1993 Fairfield (F0) A tornado dipped down, destroyed a lake house and several large trees. <1 33
10 May 19, 1993 Sumter (F0) A tornado touched down in a wooded portion of Runneymeade Community, four miles north of Sumter. The tornado downed trees and damaged several homes. <1 10
11 May 25, 1993 Union (F0) A tornado snapped off some trees and damaged the porch on a house in Fairview. Some billboards and trees were blown down and a few sheds and outbuildings were destroyed. Power was off in the area for a few hours. 2 50
12 June 22, 1993 Georgetown (F0) A tornado of waterspout origin came in from the inlet side of Garden City and severely damaged roofs of four homes. Furnishings in these homes were strewn about by the winds. NA NA
13 July 5, 1993 Darlington (F0) A small tornado was observed crossing Highway 151. It destroyed several homes and a flea market. NA NA

NA= Data not available. Tornado not listed in NCDC storm database.

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