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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 2013

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 April 28, 2013 Fairfield (EF0) A small tornado briefly touched down in Fairfield County just northeast of Ridgeway taking down trees and damaging a few homes and cars. NWS Storm Survey revealed a weak tornado occurred along Mood Harrison Road where around 6 trees were toppled falling on a outbuilding and a car. Several large limbs were also down and an antenna on a mobile home was damaged. 0.25 50
2 June 2, 2013 Anderson (EF1) Despite effective bulk shear values of less than 25 knots, a mini-supercell thunderstorm developed in an airmass characterized by high surface dewpoints ahead of a tropical cyclone over the Gulf of Mexico. The storm produced an E1 tornado over western Anderson County. An NWS storm survey found the path of a weak tornado that began in a field east of Lake Hartwell, just west of highway 187 north of the Country Meadows intersection. The tornado traveled east northeast to a farmstead on highway 187, blowing away a small outbuilding and peeling some metal panels off the roof of a larger shed. The tornado continued ENE to Busby Rd, where a portion of the roof was removed from a home. The house also shifted slightly on its foundation while a deck was lifted and tossed and a garage door caved in. The track has lost at this point, as the tornado moved over open fields; however, the path was picked up again at Mar-Mac Rd, near the Martin Rd intersection, where numerous trees were uprooted or snapped. Some shingles were removed from a home and some outbuildings damaged. The end of the damage path was found near Tiffany Dr and Oak Noll Terrace, where two large pine trees were blown onto a home, causing substantial damage. 4.82 125
3 June 4, 2013 Orangeburg and Dorchester (EF1) A severe thunderstorm in eastern Orangeburg county produced an intense macroburst and EF1 tornado that destroyed a chicken barn and damaged several homes. NWS storm survey found an EF1 tornado that began near Ayshire Road and Ebenezer Road. The tornado continued to move southeast across Ebenezer Road between 4 Holes Farm Road and Duncan Chape Road. The tornado continued into Dorchester County. Numerous trees and powerlines were down and three homes were damaged. Five homes had moderate damage and 28 agricultural buildings were badly damaged or destroyed. 5.4 264
4 June 4, 2013 Dorchester (EF1) Deep moisture and strong surface heating set up an environment favorable for strong to severe thunderstorms as a cold front stalled over the region and interacted with an inland moving seabreeze. A few storms showed strong rotation with one eventually producing a few tornadoes. An NWS survey team determined a tornado touched down just north of the Duncan Chapel Cemetery near Duncan Chapel Road. The tornado moved south|southeast while crossing Interstate 95 just south of the Duncan Chapel Road Bridge. The tornado crossed a number of fields and forested areas, before lifting in an open area off Quail Ridge Road. The tornado damaged corn crops and trees along its path. No significant structures were damaged. Based on the level and type of damage observed, the tornado was rated EF1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale with maximum winds of 85 to 90 mph. 2.06 176
5 June 10, 2013 Greenville (EF0) An upper low increased wind shear and instability across western South Carolina. Numerous thunderstorms developed across the region during the afternoon hours. Some of the storms became severe and a weak tornado was spawned over Greenville County. NWS survey team found the path of a weak tornado that began in a wooded area just northeast of Lauren Trace Circle. A few trees were downed at this location, with one tree taking down a power line. The tornado intensified as it moved east-northeast from there, downing multiple trees and snapping numerous large limbs along a creek bed before uprooting multiple large trees at a home site on Prince Lake. The tornado continued east-northeast, snapping large limbs and knocking down a few trees as it crossed Old Gunter Rd and Mellyn St. About a half-dozen medium to large trees were uprooted at a home between Mellyn St and Mellwood Dr. The tornado lifted shortly after crossing Mellwood Dr. 1.34 80
6 June 29, 2013 Horry (EF0) Modest instability and an approaching weak shortwave helped support a cluster of thunderstorms across coastal Horry County. As the storms encountered stronger south winds near the beaches and increased low-level vorticity, a tornadic circulation developed southwest of Socastee and moved north several miles to near Highway 31. The circulation then weakened, but continued moving north as a funnel cloud before dissipating northwest of Myrtle Beach. A National Weather Service Storm Survey Team concluded an EF0 tornado briefly touched down in the Cameron Village subdivision off of Bay Road, between Highway 707 and Enterprise Road in Socastee, South Carolina. Significant damage occurred to the framing of a two-story house under construction. The framing of the first floor collapsed and construction debris became airborne and caused moderate damage to the house next door to include broken windows. The weak tornado caused mainly minor damage to approximately 6 homes. The monetary damage estimate is $35,000 dollars. 0.11 30
7 June 29, 2013 Horry (EF0) A National Weather Service Storm Survey Team concluded an EF0 tornado briefly touched down near the intersection of Highway 31 and Highway 544 near the retention pond off of Breezewood Boulevard in Socastee, South Carolina. The maximum wind speed was estimated to 60 mph. The weak tornado caused mainly minor damage to approximately 4 homes. A few downed trees were also observed. The monetary damage estimate is $15,000 dollars. 0.07 50
8 July 2, 2013 Florence (EF1) A supercell spawned a tornado 2 miles east of Quinby in Florence County, South Carolina. A National Weather Service Storm Survey Team concluded an EF1 tornado developed near the South Carolina Armory between South Stadium Road and South Greer Road. The tornado snapped a large tree and limbs were down in this location. The tornado then moved north and across Highway 76 and then across East Sammys Lane, snapping trees and downing tree limbs along its path. A couple 0f homes were damaged in the Battery Park subdivision. One home had approximately 30 percent of its roof structure removed. Trees were down across the subdivision. The tornado continued north and nearly parallel to Williamson Road causing dozens of snapped trees and large limbs to block a large section of the roadway. After crossing Williamson Road, the tornado downed and snapped trees in a stand in the middle of a large field. Then it entered a mobile home park on the south side of East Old Marion Highway, west of Highway 327. The tornado destroyed 10 mobile homes and 2 other homes sustained major damage. In addition, there were 18 mobile homes that sustained minor damage. Nine people sustained minor injuries and were transported to the hospital, two of which were actually trapped in their homes and had to be extricated. The tornado exited the mobile home park and crossed East Old Marion Highway, snapping more trees and damaging a section of fence along the road. The tornado dissipated on the north side of East Old Marion Highway prior to reaching Highway 327. The maximum wind speed was estimated to 105 mph. The tornado covered a little more than 3 miles in approximately 11 minutes. The monetary damage estimate is $87,979 dollars. 3.08 90
9 July 13, 2012 Beaufort (EF0) A waterspout formed offshore and possibly moved inland at Fripp Island. Several rip currents were observed near Isle of Palms. Law Enforcement reported a waterspout that possibly moved onshore on Hunting Island before moving back over the water and dissipating. No damage was reported. 0.01 25

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